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The IPC surprised competitors all over the world in January when they decided that there would be World Championships in summer 2000. All competitors were waiting only for a World Air Games competition in summer 2001.

The first fatal CF accident in Finland happened in May, in Utti.

Records and events

US jumper Chris Gay organized the first Brazilian 16-way diamond. The jumpers used Prodigy mains and a turbine Caribou aircraft. The place was a military base, Alfonso, close to Rio. The date was February 1. David Richardson helped with organizing and was also the pilot of the formation.

Jumpers from Australia made three national record attempts. In January they built a 17-way, in March they completed a 17-way and a 21-way during 25-way attempts. In December they built a 16-way.

Jumpers from Holland made a 16-way diamond using Lightning mains in October.

A plan to hold a Record Week in Perris Valley, CA (December 2001) was cancelled in December.


The 8th World Championships in CF were held in Immola, Finland from June 30 to July 7. There was a Mi-8 helicopter from Russia taking the jumpers up to altitude. All teams except Russia used the tailgate for their exits;The Russians preferred the side door. France won the sequential and 8-speed again. Rotation gold went to Russia. The last jumps of the competition were unforgettable water jumps without a parachute. Exit altitude was about 5-10 meters over a lake.

Two world records were also set in Immola. The Russian 8-speed team built a plane in 24.67″ and then a kite in 24.65″. The French team set a sequential record, 12 points.

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