Records and events

The 21st annual Freeze Your Buns Off Boogie was held in January. Jumpers made three point 25-way in 11th of January. This is new CF sequential World Record! They also jumped 27-way at night 11th of February 2017. Earlier they did 3 training jumps, two 27-ways and one 28-way. Mike Lewis was organizing. Night 27-way wasn’t official due the one not showing grip.

In Spring Fling CRW big way camp jumpers many about 20-ways. The biggest was 36-way, jumped 8th of April. Jumpers also did some first, XRW flyby of a 20-way CRW formation and little later, when six of them had pulled away, wingsuit pilot Will Kitto fly through the 14-canopy frame! Scott H. Lazarus was the main organizer. Both events, FYBOB and Spring Fling was held in Lake Wales, Fl, USA.





There will be 7ht European CF Championships and 9th World Cup in Saarlouis (Germany). Date of the event will be 08 Aug to 12 Aug 2017.

IPC will organize CF Web Challenge. There will be also 8-way speed event.



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