Records and events

CRW/CF jumpers keep FYBOB 2016 boogie in January. Jumpers made two point 25-way in 24th of January. Both are new CF sequential World Record! There was also one 25-way without second point. One of the new world record holder was Steve Cannistra. He took part of the first ever offset CRW world record, a 28-way biplane arrowhead.

In Spring Fling CRW big way camp jumpers made three 25-ways in row. They was testing new demo Triathlon mains (wingloadin 1.0-1.1). Spring Fling event was in Sebastian, Fl, USA in late of March.

European jumpers keep big CF training camp in Teuge, Holland. They made few 16-ways and one 17-way.  About 40 CF jumpers took part of the camp. The second training camp was in Nowy Targ, Poland. There was few 16+ way attemps. The biggest formation was 13-way. Both camps were training camps for the coming European record attempts.

Jumpers tried seven times 25-way diamond in Q Memorial Boogie, Orange Ma, USA. They did those jumps by using Lightnings (wing loadind ~1.0-1.1) and Triathlons (wing loading ~1,0-1,1 lbs/sqf). In total, there were six complete 25-ways (3 x Lighting and 3 x Triathlon). The seventh jump was 24-way (Triathlon mains). Date of the event was June 30th – July 3rd.

Russian jumpers made 2 point 18-way sequential record dive in Kolomna. Date of the jump was 24th of July. Denis Dodonov was organizing.

Multinational team of CF jumpers (4xEstonia, 2xPoland, 3xFinland, 1xSweden, 1xNorway and 1xNetherland) did 12-way in Pärnu, Estonia. That was the biggest CF formation over Estonia. Jump was done in the biginning of the August.

Multinational team of CF jumpers (5xRomania, 2xNetherland, 1xFinland, 1xGermany, 1xEstonia) did some 10-ways in Suceava, Romania. Formations were the biggest CF formations over Romania. They jumped from An-2. Camp was in middle of August. In the last weekend, jumpers from Finland (7), Estonia (2) and Norway (1) made two 10-ways in Vesivehmaa, Finland.

The first ever female CF record was done in Parachute Voltige, Joliette, Quebec, Canada. They made 4-way diamond with a stinger (5-way). Date of the jump was August 28th.

Euro CF Challenge 2016 was held in Teuge, The Netherlands in October. Almoust 50 european CF jumpers from ten different counry made few 16-17 -way training jumps and then two 31-way record attemps. Both of them wasn’t complete. Then they did 25-way European record in the first try. Date of the jump was 8th of October.  Weather problems canselled jumps after that.

Perris Fall CReW event jumpers did two 25-way attempts. The better one was about 20-way. Event was held in Perris, California in middle of Octorber.

Jumpers from Egypt jumped a 25-way diamond in November. They told that they had done more than 20 25-ways in last few years. So far we don’t know dates of those.



17th FAI World Canopy Formation Championships was in USA, Skydive Chicago. Dates of the competition was 12th to 19th of September. Airplanes were Twin Otters. France won again rotation and 2-way sequential but Qatar took gold in 4-way sequential!