Records and events

Spring Fling CRW Bigway Weekend was held in the beginning of the May in Sebastian, Florida. Jumpers made one 36-way and tried twice 42-ways. Brian Pangburn was the main organizer. More than 80 jumpers took part ot the event, so this was the biggest canopy formation event since 2007 (100-way World Record camp).

Jumpers from Russia did few big-ways in Menzelinsk in August. The biggest was 28-way in 30-way attempts.  Also jumpers from Canada and US did some big-ways in Canada. The biggest was 26-way diamond and 20-way POPS box formation.

Jumpers from Holland, Germany and Sweden make the ”thread the needle” dive, where two jumpers, Tom Kan and Henny Wiggers, fly through the 10-way needle. Jump was made in Teuge, Holland in September 28th.

Qatar Army Parachute Team with some US jumpes did 16-way diamond. Jump was done in Lake Whales, Fl, USA in 26th of November.

After 5th DIPC (Dubai International Parachuting Championhips) jumpers from France, USA and Sweden tried once 16-way diamond. The result was 14-way. Date of the jump was 4th of December. Before that they did complete 13-way kite. Jumpers used Storm canopies.

Jupers from Qatar and USA did some demo jumps in Qatar. The biggest formation was 16-way diamond. Demo’s and training was done in December.



16th FAI World Canopy Formation Championships was in Banjaluka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Dates of the competition was 15 Aug to 23 Aug 2014. There were Porters in 4-way events and Caravan for 2-way. France won again all events!



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