Records and events

US jumpers make new world record in night CF. The event was The annual Freexe Your Buns Off Boogie and there were more than 50 CF jumpers. The place was Lake Wales, Florida. There were two record attempst. In the first one, the goal was 26-way diamond and there were 24 jumpers in the formation before the bake off time comes. The second jump in next night was complete 26-way night diamond, new world record! Mike Lewis was organizing and the date of the record was 23rd of February.

Multinational big way camp GO BIG CRW Event was held in Canada in July 26th to 28st. There were few 26-way attemps and one complete 26-way diamond. They used Skyvan for jump plane and Lightning main canopies.

POPS (40+ year) make new world record in Skydive Milwaykee, Wisconsin, USA. They did 30-way diamond formation. Mike Lewis was organizing. Date of the jump was 9th of August.

Jumpers from Russia did new national record formation in Menzelinsk, Russia. They made 25-way formation. Date of the record jump was 15.9.2013.

Big way camp in Perris Valley, California, jumpers did two big-ways at the night. The biggest was 21-way box. Day before they did 19-way in 20-way attemps. Mike Lewis was organizing. Date of the biggest was 12th of October.

US jumpers make the ”thread the needle” dive, where one jumper, Ian Bobo, fly through the 12-way needle. And he made it twice in that first attempt! Little later, whole PD Factory team (four jumpers) fly throught the 12-way needle and Ian Bobo did it again two times. They also did the second formation with four pilots! The size of the formation was 10-way and it looks like an upside-down pyramid. Jump was one of the Project Orange in Z’Hills, Florida. Event was in October.

Qatar Army Parachute Team performs an 9-way diamond demo at the Corniche in Doha with the new Emir looking on. All jumpers landed on a floating platform built for the demo. Jump was done in Qatar National Day 18th of December. Earlier they had done 16-way in USA with US jumpes.



4th Dubai International Parachute Championships was held in Dubai in 26 November to 10 December . France won the rotation again. USA won the 2-way sequential event. There wasn’t 4-way sequential event. Caravan was used in both events.

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