Records and events

There was one 30-way diamond attemp in big way camp in January. The event was held in Eloy, Arizona, USA. The Cumulus Convention was in Eisenach, Germany in May. There were three 16-way diamond attempts. Two of them was almoust complete, both was 15-ways. In the last one there was only 10 jumpers in the formation.

International team build a 26-way diamond in Anyang, China. They used Chinese Yan -5 airplanes. Remember, that there were World Championships in CRW in Anyang in 1992.

Jumpers from Canada set a new Canadian record. The new record was now a 25-way diamond. The date of the jump was the 28th of July and the jumps were done on the Voltige DZ in Quebec. Three jumps later they set another new record. 31-way is now the current record. The main organizer was François Huot.                            

The BASE CF record was done in Mt. Brento, Italy in the first of July. New record are now 3-way stack. There are also some stories earlier 3-way stacks in same place without real source.

Jumpers from Russia did new European Record formation in Menzelinsk, Russia. They made 20-way formation. Date of the record jump was 23.8.2012.

International team make three big ways in Dubai after Mondial. The first was 24-way diamond. The goal was 25-way. Jumpers used two Twin Otters. The second big way was complete 25-way demo in main DZ. The last one was 26-way diamond. US jumper Chris Gay was organizing the jumps.



The 14th World Championships in CF was held in Dubai. Competition dates were November 29 to December 10. Team France won all events! This was the second time in history when one nation won all events. There were Caravan and Porter airplanes in competition.

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