Records and events

International team build a 25-way diamonds at the Chinese International Airshow Fiesta in Laiwy, China. They used Chinese Yan -5 airplanes. The first diamond was in really 26-way when one videojumper join the formation.

International team make three big ways in Dubai when there was 3rd Dubai international Parachuting Championship & Gulf Cup. The first was 17-way diamond and it was done for the United Arab Emirates 40th National Day. Jumpers used two Bell 212 helicopter. The second big way was 15-way and the last one was 20-way box. US jumper Jim Rasmussen was organizing the jumps.

Jumpers from Russia did new European Record formation in Kolomna, Russia. They made 19-way formation using Pilots and Thriathlons canopies. Denis Dadonov was organizing. Date of the record jump was 18.10.2011.


The 3rd Dubai international Parachuting Championship & Gulf Cup was held in Dubai in December. There were all events.

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