Records and events

Jumpers from Canada set a record when they jumped a 20-way diamond. The jump was done in Eden North Parachute School near Alberta in July. They used C-208 Caravan and C-206 airplanes.

European jumpers made two European Records in Teuge, Nedherlands. After the competiton they made 17-way and later 20-way diamonds. Henny Wiggers was organizing. Both European Records were unofficials.

A group of U.S. jumpers made the first ever ”Plug the Hole” dive.  The dive was originated and piloted by Kirk VanZandt.  This six way base formation opens in the center to allow another jumper to fly in and dock center just below the pilot.   Both of the second row wings use there inside grips to complete the dock.  The jump and dock were accomplished in Sebastian Florida on the 29th of March by Bruce Barnett.

Multinational team (3 x USA, 3 x Kazakhstan and 3 x Egypt) did the first 9-way diamond over Fujairah, UAE. Chris Gay was organizing. Jump was part ot the Asian Fair 2008 event.



The 13th World Championships in CF were held in Teuge, Netherlands. Competition dates were September 08th to September 14th.Russia won the rotation again, as well as the 2-way event. USA won the 4-way sequential event. Russia set new world records in 2-way sequential. C-208 Caravans was used in all the events. There were 20 teams in 2-way sequential event!

The 2008 Web Challenge was hed in summer. It is an International competition in the events of the Canopy Formation discipline. The prize for the 2008 Web Challenge was a PD Canopy for one drawing competitor.


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