Records and events

Jumpers from Egypt set a record when they jumped a 20-way diamond. The jump was done near Cairo in September. Later they built a 25-way diamond.

There were seven training/try-out camps for world record attempts. During three of the camps jumpers managed to build 36-way diamonds.

World record attempts were organized in Lake Wales, Florida, in November. The goal was a 100-way diamond. The group needed five attempts to complete the formation. On the next jump, a 100-way was also built, but with one grip missing. There were 142 jumpers who took part in the record week, all of them used PD Lightning mains. The organizers of this event were Chris Gay, Brian Pangburn, Mike Lewis (all US) and Chris Balisky (France).

After the world record the European jumpers of the group set two continental records, 16-way and 24-way diamonds. Chris Balisky was organizing.

In Australia, a group of jumpers set a couple of new records. The international team built a 25-way diamond, setting a national record. Despite the multinational team, the formation is still considered an official Australian record.


8th FAI World Cup in Canopy Formation was held in Osijek, Croatia. The weather was really bad and teams did only one jump / event. There were only three teams competing in the rotation event, two in sequential and also two in 2-way sequential. Russia 1 scored 15 points in 2-way sequential, setting a new world record.

Later during the US Nationals, US team FSC-2 scored 16 points in round seven, already breaking the record set by the Russians.


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