Records and events

In June an international team built a 34-way diamond in Empuriabrava, Spain. Their goal was to build a 36-way.

This CRW / CF history pages was founded 19th of February. Thanks to the state of the Skydive Häme.



The 12th World Championships in CF were held in Stupino, Russia. Competition dates were was August 12th to August 19th. Russia won the rotation again, as well as the 8-speed event and the 2-way event. USA won the sequential event. Russia set new world records both in 2-way sequential and in rotation. The US team set the sequential record with 12 points. An MI-8 helicopter was used in 8-way speed and a LET 410 in all the other events. There were only three teams competing in the 8-speed event.

During the same time the IPC Anton Malevsky Memorial Meet was held, where teams competed in rotation. The russian team won this meet as well. Winning teams took home price money as follows:
1st place $10,000.00
2nd place $7,500.00
3rd place $5,000.00


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