Portugal withdrew from organizing the CF World Cup. The plan was to have it in October.

The first quadraplane diamond was built in Sebastian. It was completed on the 4th attempt.

Two 16-way diamonds were in the air at the same time. The jumps were made in Zephyrhills, Fl. Later the same year, jumpers made two 25-way diamonds at the same time. That happened in Sebastian, Fl.

Records and events

US jumpers built a 30-way in May. They needed only one attempt to do it in Moss Point.

In June, there was a training camp in France. The goal was to train for the coming European world record attempts. The biggest formation was 30-way, made in June. A jumper from the French national team was organizing and they used Diamant mains. There were jumpers from France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, England, Russia, Sweden and Belgium.

A group of US jumpers (Chris Gay, David Richardson, Mark Gregory and Mike Lewis) organized US record attempts in November. The goal was a 50-way diamond. It succeeded on the second attempt (the first jump was also a 50-way but there was one missing grip) on November 29. Jumpers made five 50-ways in a row – all on same day! The next day they set an unofficial world record and an official American record, a 56-way. All jumpers (85), who took part in the camp took part in the 50-way formations. The jumpers used Lightning mains.

There was also a POPS 16-way record diamond after the official record attempts.


The 6th World Cup of CF was kept in Costa Brava, Spain. This was at the same time as the second European Championships. The competition was held from October 7 to October 14. They used Twin Otters.


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