Finnish jumper Jari Kuosma flew by a 16-way diamond using a Birdman wingsuit. He did it three times in row.

Records and events

US jumpers Chris A. Gay and David Richardson organized a diamond camp in Brazil. Jumpers from USA, Canada, Brazil and Argentina made a few of the biggest diamonds over South-America. They first built a 17-way, then a 23-way, a 27-way and finally a 31-way. All jumpers used Prodigy mains and the last record was jumped on February 20.

Jumpers from Finland made the biggest formation over the Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). They built two 9-way diamonds over Ämari, Estonia.

US jumpers made some 39-way diamond attempts in November. The best one was 38-way. Chris A. Gay was organizing and jumpers used Lightning mains.

Jumpers from Russia set a record when they jumped a 23-way jewel. The jump was done in Nizhny Novgorod, in August.


In June there were the 9th World Championships in CF in Spain. The WAG (World Air Games) had also CF, FS and all other skydiving events at the same time. The dates were June 22 – July 2. The DZ was Armilla, Granada and they used a Twin Otter in CF. The Russian team won the rotation event and France won 8-way speed. Team USA won the sequential event even though they had the same amount of points as silver team France. USA had the higher one round score.


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