Two anonymous Nordic BASE jumpers built a stack after a BASE jump. The jump was done in Voss, Norway, in June.

Records and events

A new Nordic and Finnish record was set in Utti, Finland. Jumpers built a 17-way diamond in June. They made it on the fourth attempt. All jumpers came from HLU (Hame Parachuting Club). Pasi Pirttikoski organized the event. They used an AN-28 tailgate airplane and all jumpers used either Progidy or Express mains.

In the summer there was one 25-way diamond attempt in ”CF-Spektakel” in Belgium.

Canadian jumpers made an 18-way diamond in Saint-Frederic de Deauces, Quebec in August. They used Lightning mains.

Juri Arifouline was organizing a Russian record attempt in Orel after the world cup. They managed a 21-way trying for a 25-way diamond.

Some big-way CF jumps were made in Zephyrhills, FL. The best one was a 37-way when they tried to build a 41-way. It was jumped in December. All jumpers used Lightning mains.

A plan to hold a World Record Camp in South Africa in summer 2000 was cancelled. The goal in the plans was a 65-way.


The 5th World Cup of CF was kept in Orel, Russia. It was held at the same time as the first European Championships. The competition was held from August 9 to August 15. They used a Mil Mi-8 helicopter.

The Russian rotation team set a new record of 21 points and the Russian 8-speed team set an unofficial record time when they built the plane formation in 25.24″ using Triathlon mains.


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