The USPA decided to throw away all original award applications (CCR, CCS, etc). The main reason was that there was not enough space at this time to store every piece of paper ever received at the USPA headquarters. For this decision we lost a lot of CRW history.

The first fatal CF accident in the Nordic countries happened in October in Borlänge, Sweden.

Records and events

The first 9-way diamond (and stinger) in the Nordic countries was jumped in Helsinki, Finland. All jumpers came from HLU (Hame Parachuting Club). Jump was done on May the 1st. The record was soon broken in Vasteras, Sweden where a Diamond Quest camp was held. Jumpers from Finland and Sweden built a 12-way diamond on May 22.

In Belgium there was a big CF-camp in the summer, called the ”CF-Spektakel”. Jumpers from many different countries built an 18-way diamond. All used Lightning mains.


The 7th World Championships in CF were held in Eloy, AZ, USA from November 1 to November 11. They used a Twin Otter for the competition. Team Russia won rotation and set a new world record in their average! They scored 20 points five times (rounds 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6). The Russian team used Triathlon mains. France won the sequential again and also the 8-speed.

US jumpers Mike Lewis and Lillian Goodin organized an unofficial 16-CRW sequential FAX meet competition in USA. Four US teams took part in the competition. Working time was four minutes and the first formation was a diamond every time.


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