CReW Club was founded in Sweden in March. The club organized camps and competitions in Sweden.

BASE jumpers Yuri Kuznetsov and Bill Legg built a stack, a plane and a down plane after a BASE jump off Kjerag, Norway in July .

Records and events

Diamond Quest organized a record week in June-July. The place was Skydive Dallas, TX. There were 63 jumpers from six countries. The best attempt built to a 47-way. The jumpers made nine record attempts using Prodigy mains.

Indonesian Army Special Forces (KOPASSUS) team made 17-plane/stack formation over Pondok Cabe, West Java, Indonesia. Jumpers used Diamant mains and Partrice Girardin (from France) was organizing.

Jumpers from Canada set a new Canadian record formation when they jumped a 17-way diamond. The jump was done in August in Eden North. All jumpers used Lightning mains.

Female jumpers from six countries met in Perris Valley, CA in October. First they built a 17-way diamond, then a 20-way diamond and finally a 25-way diamond. ”CRW Extravaganza” was the name of the meet during which all jumpers used Lightning mains. The second record – the 20-way diamond – was live on the TV. The jumpers also made three 27-way attempts.

Santa Rosa, Argentina was the place where jumpers made a 15-way wedge using Prodigy mains. There were three jumpers from the USA and the rest from Argentina. The jump was done in November from a CASA 212.


The fourth World Cup of CF was held in Gillette, WY from August 31 to September 6. There were only four different countries taking part in the competition. This was the first time when all the events were judged by air-to-air video. Pilatus Porter was the airplane used in the meet.

There were also two world records set during the World Cup. Team Italy scored 19 points twice in the new 90 seconds working time. The time in rotation started now when the first 4-way was completed or 30 seconds after the first exit. The Italians used Triathlon mains. The French team, using Diamant 160 mains, scored 11 points in sequential. Working time was now 150 seconds.


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