Two jumpers from England made the first CRW formation over the North Pole in April.

Jumpers came from four countries (23 Germany, 7 Switzerland, 5 Italy and one USA) and made a 36-way jewel in Kassel, Germany. The dates of the event were June 4. -10. All jumpers used PD CReW Lightning mains.

Records and events

Diamond Quest continued their training camps and on Labor Day (September) they kept a record weekend. The goal was a 49-way diamond. There were five record attempts and the biggest formation was a 44-way. The jumps were made in Raeford, NC. All jumpers used Prodigy mains.

There were also some plans to keep record week in autumn in France, but it was cancelled.

POPS record attempts failed in Raeford, NC. The goal was a 15-way jewel but the best one built to a 13-way.


The first Asian Championships in CRW were kept in Anyang, China.

In Kapowsin, WA, there was the first 8-way sequential competition. That 8-way event was unofficial.


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