There was a big CRW boogie in Kapowsin, WA in July. That was the first training camp for DQ 94. Also the Prodigy main was introduced in Kapowsin.

Records and events

In April jumpers from Argentina set a new South-American record. The formation was a 13-plane. Also on two of the previous jumps records were set; 11- and 12-planes. The place was La Plata.

Patrick Castella again organized a record week. A 39-way jewel was built on the fifth attempt and it was held for 32 seconds. The record jump was done in May in Gap. In total, there were 63 jumpers who took part in the camp including three from Germany and one from Italy. On the record dive, there were only Frenchmen.

Germans made a 20-way wedge in Kassel in August. They used AR7 mains and the formation was completed on the fourth jump.

Jumpers from Holland set a new national record. A 17-plane was built in September. The jump was done on Texel and Eward Slot was organizing.

Also jumpers from Switzerland set a new national record. They did a 16-way diamond using Express mains. Stefan Heuser was organizing that event in Yverdon. The record was jumped in September.

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