US jumpers from the northwest bought 17 Interceptor main canopies in the same colours, and made the first single canopy(as opposed to bi-plane) 16-way diamond in the US. The jump was done in September in Kapowsin.

Records and events

Team Akashganga from India built a 10-plane in Agra. Date of the record was in April. They used Strato Cloud mains.

Jumpers from Poland set the first national record. In Plastow they built a 9-plane in August. They needed five attempts.

A new Nordic record was jumped in Helsinki, Finland. The 14-plane was built on the first attempt in August.

After the US nationals B.J. Alexander organized eight record attempts. The group made seven attempts at a 40-way jewel an tried a 36-way once. The best result was a 29-way on October 14. The jumps were done in Eloy, AZ.

A New POPS record was set during the Herb Boogie. The 9-plane was done in October and organized by Ed Cummings.

In November jumpers from France kept a training camp in Pujaut-Avignon. They made a nice 32-way arrowhead. All of them used Contact mains. Some of the jumpers had never been in a formation bigger than an 8-way before the camp. Patrick Castella was organizing.


In the US Nationals 8-speed team ”AR8” set a new world record of 42.67 seconds. The formation was a plane and the jumpers used AR-7 mains.


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