Jumpers from France built the world first 16-way diamond in Avignon, France on April the 18th. They jumped from a Porter, a C-185 and a C-206.

Jumpers in the USA built the first three-plane diamond. They first built two six-planes, transferred them into stair-steps and then docked the two formations together. They succeeded on the second attempt, in November.

Records and events

In July, there were some plans for vertical record attempts in Titusville, FL. They never materialized.

US jumpers made a few 25- to 30-plane attempts in Kennewick. The best one was a 23-plane where the 24th jumper docked just before the formation funneled.

In July the French tried to build a 30-way jewel in Avignon. The best attempt built to a 29-way. They used mostly Contact mains during their 10 record attempts.

There was also big-way plane attempts in England in the August. The biggest was a 22-plane.

A new Nordic record was set in Helsinki, Finland. Finnish jumpers built a 10-plane in August. The plane used was a Pilatus Porter.

US jumpers also tried setting new records. The goal was a 32-way biplane diamond. The best attempt resulted in a 30-way in August.

US jumper Lori Barlett organized an all-female 11-plane in August. There were no judges present during the first successful attempt on August the 27th. An official 11-plane, with judges, was completed on August 29. After that they tried building a 16-plane and managed to make it an unofficial 15-plane. The place was Davis, CA.

Frenchman Patrice Girardin organized a new world record 32-way jewel. The jump was done in September in Lapalisse, France. They held it for 18 seconds.


The second Europe Cup in CRW was held in Avignon, France, on July 1st to July 5th. After the competition Patrice Girardin organized a multinational 16-way diamond. Jumpers from France, Germany and Switzerland took part in that.


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