Some sources in Finland reported that Chinese jumpers had completed a 22-plane in March. That was translation mistake.

The first Tandem Examiners course did some tandem CRW jumps in December 1984. Four tandems built a quadraplane. They used Vector tandems. The place was DeLand, Fl.

Records and events

US jumpers tried to beat the formation record again in January. The best of the 21-plane attempts was only a 13-plane. Jumps were made in Spaceland, TX

Bush Pilots Airlines was sponsoring a record attempt during the opening ceremonies of Cairns airport, Australia. The jumpers set a new world record, a 21-plane, in March. Jumper number 22 was also in but not for long enough. In total, there were 25 jumpers in the air.

Englishmen tied the European record in April. The 17-plane was built in Netherravon. Two days later they did 18-plane but the 17th canopy collapsed. There was made a TV prorgramme called ”The Big Jump”.

Englishmen tried to break world record, now in May. The best jump they did built to an 18-plane.

Two world record attempts (24-plane) were done in Texel, Holland in June. The better one resulted in a 21-plane.

”Positively Jump Street” and a group from Texas tried to break the world record during the Labour Day weekend. Both of them failed. The same Texas group tried to build a 30-plane in October. The best of the six jumps was a 16-plane.

The first official female CRW formation record was set in the Soviet Union. They made an 8-plane on October the 3rd.

Brazilian jumpers made the first 9-plane of Brazil in Boituva. That was the first 9-plane in South-America. Pedro Hilu and Ricardo Pettena docked 8th and 9th.


The third world cup competition was held in Toogoolawah, Australia from October 13 to October 24. There were teams from 11 countries. In rotation, 19 teams were competing. After the official competition there was an unofficial speed stack and landing competition.

Team ”Eclipse” set a new 8-speed record in the US Nationals, but on the same round, team ”Free Bud” built it even faster. On the sixth round, ”Free Bud” broke their own record by building the formation in 51.67 seconds. Those records were later broken in Australia; Team France set the official record at 50.77 seconds using Contact mains.

A new rotation record was set in the US Nationals where team ”Budweiser” scored 17 points in three minutes working time. They used Pursuit mains. The sequential record, set during the world cup by team ”Silver Dayz” from new Zealand, was 11 points.

Brazil held the first CRW nationals.


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