Terry Parson published a book about CRW: ”Canopy Relative Work for Skydivers”.

The first four by side was done in Perris Valley, CA in February. Date and names are missing, can you help?

The first BASE CRW jump in USA was done on Bridge Day in October at the New River George Bridge in WV.

Records and events

In April British marines and ex-marines set a new European record: a 15-plane. They succeeded on the first attempt and held the formation for 50 seconds.

In Muskogee, OH, 30-plane record attempts were organized. The best of the eight attempts built to a 12-plane. The jumps were made in June.

In October Franchmen built a 17-plane, a new European record. The jump was done in Orleans. The French national record before that was a 14-plane made in July. On both events, the jumpers used a Transall C160 military cargo airplane.

There were a few 30-plane record attemps in USA. The best result was a 14-plane.

The first ever collegiate 9-plane was done in Marana, AZ. Chuck Erne was the main organizator.


The last rotation record in four minutes working time was set in China. A Chinese team scored 22 points in Chanjic.

In the US Nationals the 8-speed team ”Wrapture” finished a plane formation in 56.83 seconds. Also one other team finished formations in below the old record time.

The first Cumulus Convention, a CRW meet with scrambled teams, was held in Meissendorf(Meido) near Hannover, West-Germany.


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