Kilpailukutsu Canopy Piloting SM-kisat 2023


THE SWEDISH AIRSPORT ASSOCIATION in collaboration with the SWEDISH PARACHUTE ASSOCIATION and SKYDIVE STOCKHOLM invites you to Nordic championship in Canopy Piloting.
Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian national championship will be held at the same time.

To crown Nordic Champions in Canopy Piloting, set new records in Canopy Piloting as well as developing and disseminating information about skydiving in Sweden and the Nordic counties. The competition also aims to exchange experiences and strengthen friendship between skydivers around the Swedish and Nordic skydiving clubs.
12-15 july 2023
Stockholms Fallskärmsklubb Gryttjoms flygfält
Gryttjom 111
815 91 Tierp
Directions to Skydive Stockholm, Gryttjom airfield:
Latitude 60.28614
Longitude 17.42519

Official information channel

Event on Svenska fallskärmsförbundet FB page ”Swedish and Nordic Championships in Canopy Piloting 2023”
Competitions discipline
Canopy Piloting
Open and Intermediate
Nordic Championship CP Open
CP intermediate is for all nations. For CP intermediate Swedish rules will be applied.
Nordic medals are awarded in accordance with FSF’s General competition rules 2 ch. 2.2.3 to all categories and classes.
Competition organization
Tävlingschef – Sara Lundqvist Cheif judge – Zeljko Tanaskovic
Stockholms Fallskärmsklubb- Robin Nilsson
SFF controller who is outside the competition organization– Lena Kaulanen
Preliminary registration must be received by the competition organization by June 1, 2023 at the latest. Official registration and the registration fee (SEK 800) must be received by the competition organization by June 15, 2023 at the latest.
The competition organization reserves the right to close registration earlier if the number of participants/participating teams exceeds the number of competition hours.
The competition organization reserves the right to close the entire competition if too few teams/competitors are registered and the finances do not add up.
Late registration, after June 15, is accepted subject to space and a fee of SEK 500/team/individual competitor.
Registration fee
The registration fee of SEK 800/competitor is paid to: BG 5391-0345
For Nordic participants, payment information is sent via email when you have submitted your registration for the competition.
Label the payment with team name and branch. The registration fee must be received by the competition organization by 15 June 2023 at the latest.
The registration fee is non-refundable. The registration fee goes towards overhead costs for the competition.
Competition fee
CP Open and Intermediate
Jump height: according to the rules
Official training period (OPP) 10-11 July.
Rounds: 9 (minimum 1 round to crown the champion of the section, if there are no winners in all sections, no combination winner will be chosen)
Branch fee for 9 rounds: SEK 2295/participant
The competition fee is paid in the manifest at Skydive Stockholm before the competition start. Any re-jumps are paid for by the competitor.
De Havilland Twin Otter 300. Takes a maximum of 22 jumpers to 4000m in approx. 17 min. The competition management can decide to use another aircraft.
Competition schedule
Check-in day Tuesday, July 11
Check-in between 16.00–19.30, subject to change. Team leader briefing at 20:30
Competition days Wednesday-Saturday 12-15 July
Competition start at 09.00 – 20.00 Wednesday to Friday, at 1000-1500 Saturday.
The competition management can cancel the competition sooner or later depending on the weather.
The last lift runs no later than 15:00 on Saturday 15 July.
Award ceremony takes place as soon as possible after the last round of all diciplines has been completed, have been judged and the protest period of two (2) hours has expired.
The RF regulations for doping apply. Doping tests may be carried out. Dispensations for medicines listed on the RF’s doping lists ( must be applied for individually. Alcohol is prohibited according to FAI rules.
Protest fee
SEK 500, which is refunded if the protest is approved. If the protest is rejected, the fee accrues to SFF’s competition fund.
Food and Swedish Fika
Food is not included in the competition and registration fee.
Café Makkara on the DZ where you can buy food: TBA
NM medals are awarded to the Nordic Champions.
DZ bunkhouse – first come, first served.
Tent, campervan. Read for more info
Club members rent out their cabins and caravans. Post on DZ Facebook page.
FAI:s website
FAI – Competition Rules Canopy Piloting, 2023 Edition pdf
FAI Sporting Code Section 5 – Skydiving Class G – Parachuting and Indoor Skydiving, 2023 Edition
FAI Sporting Code General Section, 2023 Edition
Tävlingsregler 2023 (for Swedish nationals and intermediate) updated Swedish rules From 1 april, SFF:s Tävlingsregler 2023
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Contact regarding competition
Namn: Sara Lundqvist
E-post: guchi.sara at